Why Kyro Capital?

From greek, kyrios – meaning king or lord. The name of the Belgian Malinois working military dog and member of seal team 6.

The critical issue for any alternative investment manager is how to source capital via long-term, like-minded, institutional investors. Without achieving a ‘critical-mass’ of assets under management (AUM) many alternative investment funds are unable to function as a business.

The alternatives marketplace is crowded. Globally, there are now over 16,000 hedge funds of all shapes, sizes, and strategies managing circa $2.5 trillion. Asset flow into this asset class has been continually growing and is projected to double by 2017 (Citibank). Yet, there exists a paradox. The biggest funds continue to grow in size whilst emerging investment managers seeking investment, seeding, acceleration, and working capital face a tougher, more opaque environment in which to raise capital from.

A disequilibrium now exists between the capital supply and hedge fund demand.

Outsourcing of the capital-raising and investor-relations functions allows the investment manager to:
  • Focus solely on investing
  • Tap into alternatives to hiring internal sales teams
  • Expand into new markets
  • Diversify their investor base across different segments of investors
  • Efficiently distribute their product
  • Provide market ‘sounding’ for new product launches
  • Grow the business